Pricing & Financing Plans

Own a StyleShoots machine for your photo studio or eCommerce business.

Choose from a range of financing plans or purchase one outright.


Direct purchase

  • Pay upfront for the cost of a StyleShoots Vertical or Horizontal machine
  • Financed through your own means (bank loan etc)
  • Add extras like maintenance contract and accessories such as mannequins
  • Showrooms and resellers across the world
  • Shipping and installation available worldwide
  • Quickest way to start using StyleShoots

Financial leasing

  • Packages available in partnership with leasing partners across Europe and Canon Financial Services in the U.S.
  • Immediately take advantage of StyleShoots technology without making entire investment upfront
  • Choose from a 24 month, 36 month, 48 month or 60 month plan
  • Price starts at €1.015 for Horizontal and €1.245 for Vertical p/m (see standard financing packages below)
  • Worldwide resellers, showrooms and distribution

How Direct Purchase works

You choose which machine(s) you're interested in using for your photo studio

Get in touch with us using the form above and we'll come back to you with a quotation 

Next, we can discuss extras like shipping, maintenance contract and accessories (mannequins etc)

We send you a final sales order - you can finance the purchase through your own means (for example a bank loan)

We ship, deliver and install in your office or studio

How Financial Leasing works

You choose which machine(s) and what kind of term you wish to pay over

Get in touch with us and we'll come back to you with a financing package and quote 

We discuss extras like shipping, maintenance contract and accessories (mannequins etc)

We send you a credit agreement from one of our leasing partners

We ship, deliver and install in your office or studio


Standard Financing Packages*

StyleShoots Horizontal** Fact Sheet ⬇︎

Made for flat lay and tabletop photography - versatile and perfect for things like collages and kidswear. 






24 Months

€ 2.245

€ 2.455

€ 2.355

€ 2.445

36 Months

€ 1.570

€ 1.700

€ 1.615

€ 1.675

48 months

€ 1.220

€ 1.325

€ 1.250

€ 1.275

60 months

€ 1.015

€ 1.100

€ 1.030

€ 1.045


StyleShoots Vertical** Fact Sheet ⬇︎

Made for invisible/ghost mannequin photography - get a hollow man effect on your product shot.

1443.000 cam 1 high res with MM female top copy with article.jpg






24 Months

€ 2.760

€ 3,025

€ 2.895

€ 3.015

36 Months

€ 1.925

€ 2.095

€ 1.990

€ 2.060  

48 Months

€ 1.495

€ 1.635 

€ 1.540

€ 1.570

60 Months

€ 1.245 

€ 1.355

€ 1.265

€ 1.290


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** The provision of the information contained in this table does not constitute a formal offer on behalf of StyleShoots BV nor on behalf of any of StyleShoots’ BV leasing partners. It is merely an indication of terms to form the basis of negotiation between us and these terms may be withdrawn in whole or in part without notice and without any reason being given. Any form of agreement referred to in this table is also indicative and does not commit us to agreeing to contact with you on that form of agreement.