Customer stories


Zalando: The art of efficiency

In a renovated Berlin train yard, the German fashion retail giant has created a well-oiled content production factory with StyleShoots machines at the heart of it. 


MEI.COM: Bringing luxury to life

Chinese luxury retail behemoth MEI.COM uses StyleShoots machines to bring to life a catalogue of the world’s most sought after brands and products in their flash sales.


Marks & Spencer: Boosting content creation by 4X

As well as using StyleShoots machines for web imagery, UK retailer Marks and Spencer uses them in some pretty unique ways as their Head of Marketing, Jane Hayman explains in the video.


What our customers are saying.

"Thank you for the great opportunity to use the most innovative way to take product pictures."

Martin Lond, Kaubamaja

"It feels like an integrated system, like a spaceship that landed. You can see it's part of the team"

Philip Bohm, Zalando

“This new technology really does have the potential to transform the way that fashion brands photograph their garments”

Touker Suleyman, BBC Dragons’ Den, Hawes & Curtis

"The potential was all about being able to produce more photography in one day; we've cut days off our process."

Jane Hayman, Marks & Spencer

"It's almost as if StyleShoots knew about our unique challenges and created a custom built machine for our needs."

Jason Gruenig,

"We call this an evolution of product photography, and we are very lucky to be part of this wave to industrialize our photography process."

Shen Lewis Liu, MEI.COM


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