Photo machines
for fashion.

We make the world’s only all-in-one photo machines for Mannequin photography, Flat Lay photography and Tabletop photography.

Installed at more than 300 fashion brands world-wide, taking over 2 million photos per year.




All-in-one mannequin photography machine.


All-in-one flat lay photography machine.


Tutorials on styling and lighting.

Our trained specialist shows you how to style for mannequin, flat lay, hanging and tabletop. Learn to take key creative decisions and make your photo sessions super productive.

Training Courses



Use with Vertical to shoot shoes and bags


Mannequins for your garments for Vertical


Introducing mannequins at ISPO in Munich

Last week the yearly edition of ISPO in Munich was on and StyleShoots had the privilege of introducing brand new Ghost mannequins from our partner Pentherformes Group.

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Touker uses our machines

Owner of fashion brand Hawes & Curtis and BBC TWO Dragon, Touker Suleyman, bought two of our photo machines: “This new technology really does have the potential to transform the way that fashion brands photograph their garments..."

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